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I buy my Shapewear a week ago and came in just in time. The dropshipping was on point, very good package with an excellent product inside.

It was my first time buying actually something on that store and I would do it again.

Now let's talk about the Shapewear itself it came in on the right size im really skinny so I dont have that much of a problem when it comes to sizes but I fully recommend checking their size table and their faq. You can talk to any customer service person if you need to because they are online 24/7 so its a good shopping experience, would totally repeat it.

The dropshipping was also not so expensive, so good point. 10/10

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Mirror Essentials Cons: Website was slow.

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well you are lucky,i have been waiting 3 weeks and still no tracking available.appears it is in customs from china and may ntake up to 5 weeks. I am leaving for 3 week vacation in one !

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